PTSA Membership Drive Contest…
Although our membership drive continues throughout this school year, our contest will be ending on September 30th. The 1st period class with the most memberships will win a PIZZA PARTY!! If you were still interested in joining PTSA and receiving your school calendar, please send in your $10 by September 30th and perhaps help your child’s class win that pizza party.

Thanks for your consideration 


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HELP NEEDED… Please share this post…

HELP NEEDED… Please share this post…
We had a student who sold 3 Enjoy the City coupon books for our fundraiser. Unfortunately, the form was returned without either the student’s or teacher’s name. The 3 books were sold to: Melissa Tarasoff, Michele Polidoro and Nicole Sorstram (none of these names are in the CMMS database). If anyone out there knows these ladies, could you have them reply to this post so we can identify the student who sold them their books. These 3 ladies were kind enough to support CMMS so we’d like to get them their coupon books ASAP. Please share this post – – Thanks so much for any help!!!

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Enjoy The City – Coupon Book Fundraiser! Extended…

Our “Enjoy the City” Coupon Book Fundraiser has been extended! However, there are many books still outstanding. If you are purchasing your book (or selling more, hopefully), we need monies and order forms turned in. If you are not purchasing your book, please return it to school ASAP. We appreciate everyone’s honesty and integrity. If you’re not purchasing the ETC book, that’s fine but please return it ASAP. All students are responsible for their book & will be held accountable – – lost or missing books will be put on that student’s obligation list at school. See the reminder below…  We thank you for your cooperation!





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General Board Meeting – Minutes

To any interested CMMS families…  below are the Minutes from PTSA General Board meeting which took place on September 15th.

IMG_3849 IMG_3848


Back-to-School “Blast Off” Dance!!!

Well, consensus says Friday night’s Back-to-School “Blast Off” dance was a great success!! Our awesome DJ rocked the house and the cafe was probably 20 degrees hotter in the front and center from all the dancing & singing! Congratulations to our 3 raffle winners…Diego Burgos, Brianna Potter and Pilar Vina. They won a Cinemark movie gift card along with some popcorn & candy! Another shout-out to the winner of our “World’s largest Gummy Bear” raffle…Jasmine Neering. A special thank you to our staff and parent volunteers who lent a hand. We appreciate all your help to make the evening run smoothly. Finally, props to the CMMS custodial crew who worked their magic and returned the cafe to its original condition…all set and ready for school on Monday. Plans are underway for our Halloween Bash coming up on October 24th. More details coming soon…

**If you’d like to photos from the dance and our contest winners, please visit our Facebook page**



ENJOY THE CITY COUPON BOOK FUNDRAISER!!!Parents, it’s time to check those backpacks! Students, check your lockers & give the book to your parents to decide if they want to purchase one. Our ETC Fundraiser ended yesterday, but HAS BEEN EXTENDED. If you are purchasing your book (or selling more, hopefully), we need monies and order forms turned in. If you are not purchasing your book, please return it to school ASAP. All students are responsible for their book & will be held accountable – – lost or missing books will be put on that student’s obligation list at school 

To those families that have purchased books and have taken orders, THANK YOU for supporting PTSA. This fundraiser is our biggest one of the year and allows PTSA to give back to the students and school all year long.

We will reveal our top 3 sellers and those who sold 10+ books in the coming days…stay tuned!!

Thank you for your continued support!!



PTSA’s 1st General Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Sept. 15th, beginning at 5:30 pm in the Media Center. Please join us as we discuss what’s planned for this school year. The CMMS SAC meeting follows starting at 6:00 pm. Per Mr. Silverman, SAC is in need for new members… stop by and check it out. All are welcome!!



NEW PROGRAM – – “Adopt A Class”

CMMS PTSA has initiated “Adopt A Class” this school year.  Attached is a letter to the teachers along with the Adopt A Class application.  We are trying to help the teachers in getting much needed classroom supplies;  paper, books, etc.  Please review the attached letter and application.  If this is something you are interested, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s) and make a difference!  Applications are also located in Student & Parent Services offices.

Should you have any questions, please email PTSA at [email protected]  Our treasurer, Jennifer, will be happy to assist you in getting started.

As always, thanks for your support!!



Happy Friday!!

Make it a great weekend… study hard, play hard!!!



BACK-TO-SCHOOL “BLAST OFF” – 1st Dance of the Year!!!

BACK-TO-SCHOOL “BLAST OFF” – 1st Dance of the Year!!!

PTSA will be “blasting off” the new school year at our first dance next Friday, Sept. 19, from 6 to 8 pm in the cafeteria.  Grab your friends and join PTSA for a fun-filled evening – – awesome tunes with our rockin’ DJ + dancing + Door Prizes = fun for everyone!!  Tickets are $5 and will be sold next week during the lunch hours, Sept. 15 through 19.  Limited tickets are available and NO tickets will be sold at the door.  We will also be selling $1 raffle tickets for a chance to win a super-sized candy treat.  For this drawing, the winner need not be present to win!


Candy, snow cones, soda, water & pizza will be available for purchase… items are only $1.  There will be 3 raffle drawings – – the winners will be selected from those students in attendance at the dance.  All students must wear their ID’s, and appropriate attire is required!! (Please, no exposed bellies or shirts with inappropriate words, phrases, pictures, slogans, etc.)

We are in need of volunteers next week to help with the following:

Sept 16 (Tu), 11:15 am to 1 pm, selling tickets – 2 people

Sept 17 (Wed), 11:15 am to 1 pm, selling tickets – 2 people

Sept 18 (Th), **early dismissal day** 10:30 am to 12 pm, selling tickets – 2 people

Sept. 19 (Fri), 11:15 am to 1:00 pm, selling tickets – 2  people

Sept. 19 (Fri), setting up for the dance beginning at 5 pm,  helping with check-in and chaperoning the dance, 6 to 8 pm, and clean up, 8 to 8:30 pm

If you are willing and able to help, please contact PTSA (Attn. Lisa) at [email protected]




Picture Day… Say “Cheese”!!

School Pictures – Volunteer Opportunity!!
The school is in need of volunteers to assist the photographers in taking the student’s pictures on Tues, Sept. 16 & Wed, Sept 17.  Morning and afternoon shifts shifts are available.  If you can help, please contact Lynn Aversano (school volunteer coordinator) directly at [email protected] or (561) 374-6608 / PX 46608.  Your help would be most appreciated.





If you pre-ordered a Friday Spirit shirt, all orders have been filled and should be delivered either today or tomorrow to your student. PTSA will be selling t-shirts, PTSA memberships for $10(includes calendar) and Enjoy the City coupon books ($20/book) for our Fall fundraiser. Please be sure to stop by our table at tonight’s Open House, 6 to 8 pm!! Pack your patience and allow plenty of time as parking will be challenging, to say the least :)





Our new & improved CMMS Friday Spirit shirts were very popular at orientation! If you pre-ordered a shirt in Youth XL or Ladies & Men’s S, we received word that the shirts will be ready next week. Due to the back log of “back to school” orders for numerous other entities, this delay in receiving our extra inventory was unavoidable. As soon as we get the shirts in, your orders will be processed and delivered to your student. Please pass the word…

We appreciate your patience (and support of PTSA) 




Today starts our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Enjoy the City Coupon Book!! Check those backpacks as each student should have been given a coupon book and envelope today by their teacher.

If you purchase that book, please send in your $20 in the envelope. If you need additional books to purchase/sell, please mark the envelope accordingly and send it in, your order will be filled as quickly as possible. Finally, if you choose not to purchase your book, your student should RETURN IT to the teacher who distributed it to them so that the $20 will not appear on your obligation list.

We know other local organizations/schools/teams are also selling these coupon books to raise funds. Please, Please consider purchasing yours from CMMS and support YOUR child’s school at the same time. If we could have every family purchase/sell just one book, that would be a tremendous boost for our PTSA which, in turn, is a tremendous boost for our students and school.

Don’t forget…Student Incentives for this fundraiser – –
* Top 5 sellers each earn $50 (must sell 10+ books to qualify).
* Anyone who sells 10+ books receives a $10 Cinemark Movie gift card

Please support CMMS and help us to help our Challenger family!! Many thanks for your support!!





Our first School Advisory Council (SAC) meeting is in two (2) weeks – on Monday, September 15th, beginning at 6:00 pm.

Jennifer Hamilton has been our Chair for the past 3 years and has done a wonderful job, but her term is now over. We are looking for someone to replace her as Chair, as well as to fill in vacancies for the Vice Chair, parent members, and Business/Community partners.

The SAC is required to have parents as voting members and we are currently in need of parents to fill this role. The commitment is to attend the monthly meetings and to represent our parents.

If you are a business owner or partner, we need your representation as well.

If you are interested in either the Chair, Vice Chair, parent member or business partner positions, please contact Jennifer Hamilton. The first meeting is Monday, September 15th.

Jeff Silverman
Principal, Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Home of the “Challengers”
Office: 561-374-6604 (PX 46604)
[email protected]